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COUNSELLING ABERDEEN CBT Therapy Services: personal and relationship problems

Counselling Aberdeen CBT Therapy Service therapists offer cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT), couple counselling and relationship therapy for: depression, stress, anger, panic, trauma, anxiety and life challenges.

Get help now by contacting Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director tel:


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to arrange an initial consultation.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Counselling Aberdeen Services at Possibilities has the expertise you require.

Research suggests that 1 in 4 people will suffer with stress, anxiety or low mood each year.

- Are you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and at a loss about what to do next?

- Are you struggling with an unhappy relationship or experiencing trust issues?

- Are you trying to cope with depression, anxiety, anger, trauma or grief?

- Are you not exactly sure what is wrong but you just don't feel good about yourself, your relationships or your life.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we can help. Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation appointment.

We can help you overcome your issues with proven effective strategies.

To arrange an appointment, please call Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director tel: 07593768129 

or email (please click email address): info@aberdeentherapy.com

Let us help you make a difference in your world.

Please note: our psychotherapists (UKCP registered) provide a professional service. We do not use volunteer, unqualified or non-registered counsellors.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling

but in rising every time we fall." Confucius

How can Counselling or Therapy help?

Therapy provides you with methods for developing your own strengths and abilities to overcome difficulties and begin to realise your potential.

At Possibilities Counselling Aberdeen, our therapists use the most powerful therapeutic approaches and most effective psychological interventions available to help you improve your situation. Please see (please click on links): counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy.

Is Possibilities Centre accessible?

Possibilities Counselling Centre is accessible from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Angus, Moray and Grampian

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" George Bernard Shaw

How do you make an appointment to see a therapist?

To have a chat about what's on your mind and to find out more about how we can help you,

please contact Tracey Johnston, Clinical Director tel: 07593768129 

or email (please click email address): info@aberdeentherapy.com

For more information about therapy, fees and our services, please see: Possibilities Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre Aberdeen, a psychological therapies and well-being service.

All communications are treated with the highest level of confidentiality and discretion.

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Email: info@aberdeentherapy.com

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